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About RAUS

RAUS is a military association organized in 1970 to secure quality benefits for its members at rates only available to groups. Qualified retired and active members of the United States armed forces and related departments may join RAUS by making application and paying the membership dues.

Association benefits are available to all members, their spouses and eligible dependents. The various association benefits are designed for the needs of the general membership and therefore will change from time to time. The association objective is to always provide membership benefits as follows: newsletter; insurance products; discount buying and travel services; credit or debit cards; other products and services as deemed feasible.

Membership benefits include discounts and perks, self-help and financial calculators, time-savings and educational resources, along with TRICARE Supplement, CHAMPVA Supplement and other insurance products.

RAUS is partnering with other organizations to establish a long term win-win relationship based on mutual benefits and information available to military families.

Both Retired and Active duty military personnel may join the Association. All military branches and military ranks are eligible. Membership and benefits are available to:

1. military members 4. widows
2. military spouse 5. widowers
3. members dependents 6. former spouse

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