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Life Membership
Get the most of your RAUS Association membership!

As a Life Member, you and your spouse will be exempt from future dues increases. Your Life Membership will be effective for the life of both the member and the spouse. Your Life Membership Certificate provides a document in hand as a record of your membership for your future needs.

Protection for Your Spouse.
RAUS Life Membership privileges automatically transfer to your spouse after your death at no extra cost. That’s guaranteed! It's an easy way to ensure your spouse is protected with membership when you are not there.

Lifelong Recognition
As a Life Member, you'll enjoy recognition as a Life Member with your distinctive Life Member Certificate.

Retired Times Subscription
Along with your RAUS Life Membership comes your companion free Retired Times subscription.

Financial Protection
You can avoid the requirement of continually paying dues with a Life Membership. With one transaction, you can secure access to a lifetime of association benefits and avoid future annual dues increases. See your current Life Member Dues below.

40 or less $325
41 TO 45 $300
46 TO 50 $275
51 TO 55 $250
56 TO 60 $225
61 TO 65 $200
65 TO 70 $175
71 AND UP $100
Select one of the options below.

Upgrade your membership online to a Life Member with your credit or debit card payment.

Open, print and complete the application form (PDF) to upgrade to or join as a Life Member. Mail the form with your membership dues.

Complete the online form to join as a Life Member with your credit or debit card payment.

Accept Credit Cards

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