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1-Year Dues $15
3-Year Dues $37
5-Year Dues $60

Life Membership is based on age


For over 40 years, RAUS has been serving those who serve their country from every branch of service, including active duty, retired, officers and enlisted, Guard and Reserve members, and their families.

RAUS members enjoy discounts and perks, self-help and financial calculators, time-savings and educational resources, along with TRICARE Supplement, CHAMPVA Supplement and other insurance products.

RAUS offers members-only insurance products plus substantial discounts on technology products, travel & other discounts.

Retired Times has produced a newsletter since 1970. The newsletter is provided to RAUS association members without charge. Non-members may subscribe to the newsletter for $25 per year. Click here to complete the form to subscribe.

RAUS offers three different supplement plans to meet the health insurance needs of our members. Since our members needs vary, one plan is not enough to meet the need.

Member Communications
RAUS provides members diverse sources of communications to improve information dissemination. Some examples include Reunion Announcements, Photo Exchange and the newsletter, Retired Times.

Life Membership
Get the most of your RAUS Association membership by joining as a Life member. Click here for more information.

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Open, print and complete the application form (PDF) to join RAUS. Mail the form with your membership dues.

Complete the online form to join RAUS and pay with your credit or debit card.

Members can now renew their membership online and pay by credit or debit card.

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